Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hello And Welcome To The Beginning Of My Journey!!

About 20 years ago on a routine visit to my hair stylist I was told that my hair was shedding excessively.  My youngest daughter was just a year old so I assumed that it was just hormones, childbirth, stress etc.  My stylist recommended a dermatologist.  This is when I start receiving my first scalp analysis and scalp injections. The dermatologist visits only lasted about 6 months with only minimal results. Well fast forward to 2011 and numerous zillions styles, individual braids, relaxers, ponytails and weaves styles not to mention the cost of these services, I have finally embraced my natural hair and I am on a journey of pure joy. This blog is about the care and upkeep of my natural mane.  I also love to discuss make up routines, family, decorating and any topic of the day.


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