Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vitamins for Hair Growth


Multi Vitamins
Hair, Skin and Nails
B Vitamins

Various Oils For Hair Care Maintenance

My Oils

Jojoba Oil
Grapeseed Oil With Vitamin E
Sweet Almond Oil
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil

Hair Care Tips on the Internet

My 20 year old daughter introduced me to You Tube.  In 2007 she decided to loc her hair.  She research for about 3 months for various styles and techniques.  Some of her favorites internet sites were Nappturality and Loc Blogs. The information that these sites have to offer is life changing.  This wealth of information was not available years ago.  There was information in magazines but nothing like what is online. I first visited the Big Chop sites, I wanted to see how others divas were wearing their short styles and transitioning.  I went on to visit sites on how to cowash my hair, how to choose shampoos and essential oils and what conditioners to use on various types of hair.  I discovered my hair type (didn't know I had one). 

Eye Opening Event

I have never been consistent with my hair routine or had any favorite hair care products of choice.  I took my hair for granted and it showed.  It was dry and lifeless.   In 2011 I decided to visit another dermatologist.  I received the injections, vitamins, shampoo and scalp oil.  My routine was to apply the oil to my scalp and leave it on over night or at least 4 hours and apply my medicated shampoo.  I would like to mention that my hair is very thin at the crown so styling was very limited.  While I was undergoing my treatments I would wear a wig, hat or scarf.  One day while at work a women walked in with the most beautiful black hair I had ever seen.  She was wearing her hair in twists. Her hair was so thick and healthy looking.  I pulled her aside and asked her what was she using to get her hair that healthy looking.  She had a regimen and stuck to it.  She also told me that she tried to live a stress free life and embraced being positive.  The advice that she shared sent me own a quest for knowledge.  Knowledge on how to take care of myself.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hello And Welcome To The Beginning Of My Journey!!

About 20 years ago on a routine visit to my hair stylist I was told that my hair was shedding excessively.  My youngest daughter was just a year old so I assumed that it was just hormones, childbirth, stress etc.  My stylist recommended a dermatologist.  This is when I start receiving my first scalp analysis and scalp injections. The dermatologist visits only lasted about 6 months with only minimal results. Well fast forward to 2011 and numerous zillions styles, individual braids, relaxers, ponytails and weaves styles not to mention the cost of these services, I have finally embraced my natural hair and I am on a journey of pure joy. This blog is about the care and upkeep of my natural mane.  I also love to discuss make up routines, family, decorating and any topic of the day.