Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Eye Opening Event

I have never been consistent with my hair routine or had any favorite hair care products of choice.  I took my hair for granted and it showed.  It was dry and lifeless.   In 2011 I decided to visit another dermatologist.  I received the injections, vitamins, shampoo and scalp oil.  My routine was to apply the oil to my scalp and leave it on over night or at least 4 hours and apply my medicated shampoo.  I would like to mention that my hair is very thin at the crown so styling was very limited.  While I was undergoing my treatments I would wear a wig, hat or scarf.  One day while at work a women walked in with the most beautiful black hair I had ever seen.  She was wearing her hair in twists. Her hair was so thick and healthy looking.  I pulled her aside and asked her what was she using to get her hair that healthy looking.  She had a regimen and stuck to it.  She also told me that she tried to live a stress free life and embraced being positive.  The advice that she shared sent me own a quest for knowledge.  Knowledge on how to take care of myself.

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